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Bar Harbor Ale House is a locally owned and operated restaurant in Ketchikan, Alaska, on Berth Four. Eating at Bar Harbor is an exciting, memorable experience. They have amazing live bands from local artists, a modern décor, craft beers which specialize in Alaskan brews, and an eclectic menu prepared by one of Cape Fox’s premier chef, Chris Lemerond. Believe me, if you are in Ketchikan, you will want to dine at Bar Harbor. The menu features food with a BBQ flair. There are premium seafood dishes with fresh Alaskan seafood, steaks, and pot roast any family could enjoy, and of course, traditional burgers and fish and chips. There is an outdoor seating area during the warmer summer months, a smoker that runs all year to add even more flavor to their food, and being right on the water, you cannot miss the beautiful views.



Phone 907-225-2813


55 Schoenbar Ct
Ketchikan, AK 99901